Cell Imaging Device

Providing insight into the subcellular
interactions of virus and other diseases

CoCID Objectives

CoCID is an EU-funded project whose primary objective is to develop a next generation, laboratory-based, soft x-ray microscope (SXM) as a research tool to accelerate the understanding of disease mechanisms and the associated development of novel therapeutics at the single cell level.

The major innovation of this project will be in demonstrating the utility of the lab-scale SXM in virology research. Quantitative studies of the interplay between the viral replication cycle and the morphological changes within individual cells is expected to reveal new understandings of the viral infection pathway.

Virology Research

The virology research will focus on highlighting the benefit of a lab-based SXM in generating new scientific knowledge on the viral life cycle and host cell response to viral infection through the use of the SXM platform combined with established complementary approaches. The main objectives are:

Imaging Workflow


CoCID Project Partners