SiriusXT marks a significant milestone with the first deployment of the SXT100 Soft X-Ray microscope at Conway Imaging Institute, UCD, Dublin.

SiriusXT’s SXT-100 is the world’s first commercial table-top Soft X-ray microscope which is capable of imaging the whole internal structure of intact biological cells in their native state at nano-metre 3D resolution. It will be used in disease and therapeutic research to help scientists to better understand disease causation and transmission mechanisms as well as to validate therapeutic effectiveness in the drug discovery process.

“The deployment of the SXT-100 at the UCD Conway Institute is an outstanding example of the University’s research and innovation-intensive focus and on the emphasis we place on translating fundamental research outputs into innovative products, such as the SXT-100 microscope, which will lead to a greater understanding of health and disease, with the ultimate aim of informing novel drug discoveries,” said Professor Jeremy Simpson, Dean of Science and Principal, UCD College of Science.

He added, “The SXT-100 will now complement other cell imaging resources at the UCD Conway Institute and across the UCD College of Science and it will help UCD-based scientists to progress their research as well as to strengthen collaboration with their peers and industry partners, nationally and internationally.”

The SXT100 Soft X-ray Microscope opens up new frontiers in research and development, offering high-resolution 3D imaging at the nanoscale. It's a game-changer for researchers and scientists in a variety of fields, from materials science to life sciences.

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