We are delighted to announce Prof. Carolyn Larabell of the University of California, San Francisco and Prof. Daniel Wüstner of South Denmark University as members of the CoCID Scientific Advisory Board.


Prof Carolyn Larabell

Carolyn has been a professor of Anatomy at UCSF since 2000 and is currently the Director of the National Centre for X-ray Tomography (NCXT) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which she established in 2004. Her research focuses on cell imaging using soft X-ray tomography for life science.

Prof. Daniel Wüstner
Prof. Daniel Wüstner

Daniel is an associate professor at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at SDU where he continues to develop optical microscopy, image processing and computational biophysics tools and approaches to address questions in cell biology. He serves as executive board member of the SDU eScience Centre, an activity for boosting high-performance computing in natural sciences.

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