May 9th, 10th at ALBA Synchrotron, Barcelona

Partner: ALBA

ALBA synchrotron a well-established state-of-art soft X-ray imaging platform, the Mistral beamline at ALBA plays a key role in project CoCID. Primarily it is helping to validate the performance of the laboratory-based SXM as a research tool. This is done through comparative imaging performed on both microscopes on a range of sample types; cryo preserved biological samples as well as standard resolution test patterns. ALBA also supports the analysis and interpretation of these images, provision of cryo samples, and training and advice to all partners on sample handling and preparation.

Shown here is a schematic of the soft X-ray tomography workflow prior to imaging and also examples of the typical cell types routinely imaged on the Mistral microscope. In project CoCID the SXT100 microscope will be benchmarked against this state-of-art microscope (by imaging cell samples already imaged at ALBA) in order to fully validate the sample preparation workflows and image quality of the compact device.


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