May 9th, 10th at ALBA Synchrotron, Barcelona

Partner: University of Jyväskylä

At the recent CoCID meeting in Barcelona, Jyväskylä University (JYU) presented its latest research on the herpes virus. In their recent report, summarised below, the mobility of viral capsids in the cell nucleus is studied using light microscopy.
The group of Vihinen-Ranta is focused on understanding the mechanisms of nuclear transport and intranuclear mobility of viruses in order to understand the biological process of infection. They use a range of microscope techniques, including soft X-ray microscopy, to image viruses in cells, and look at how they interact with cells during replication, such as nuclear virus interactions and dynamics of the viral capsids.

In CoCID they are focused on the analysis of the Herpesvirus-induced changes to the cell nucleus and how these changes affect viral egress from the nucleus. The group plans to use the SXT100 to study HSV-1-induced structural changes of mitochondria and nucleoli at different time points during infection to complement other microscopy and biochemistry data.

Read the full update in PDF here



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